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Not Harder is the new age of marketing for SMEs. We help you get to know who is looking to purchase your product/service, we teach you how to use digital tools to reach them and we give you the right advice on how to keep those users engaged. will give you better control of your time with any budget.

How It Works

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Less money and less time is the marketer's existential problem. was created to kick start the marketing planning process in just a few seconds. Instead, of spending your time researching your audience, aggregating data, visualizing data, interpreting the data, let do the leg work, giving you the opportunity to jump into the thinking and development process faster and do what you do best, manage your brand. 

Identify Who Is Looking For Your Product

In Just a few clicks, will tap into several sources of live data and gather information about the people who are actively looking to purchase your product or service. will go a step further and distill the information that you absolutely need to know about your audience and deliver them to you in a ready-made, beautifully crafted presentation. 

Know How To Reach Them will help you understand the minimum ROI based on your media budgets. As a marketer of an SME or large corporation, you should always know what is the minimum return to expect for your media dollar. will tell you what to expect, it will then be up to you to optimize it and get better results. 

Understand What To Tell Them will then give you strategic communications recommendations. What to focus on, the do's and don'ts to get you started on the right path. It will suggest a social media content pillar strategy and a calendar of how to distribute your content.

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What Each Presentation Includes
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Upon selecting the category and country relevant to your business, will generate your buyer's persona and give you a ready-made presentation including:​

  • Fictitious name of your buyer's persona

  • Where do they live?

  • What are their professions?

  • What is their emotional state towards your industry?

  • What days of the week do they talk about your product or service?

  • What are their interests?

  • Interests breakdown by selected professions

  • Instagram content creators relevant to your category

  • Most relevant day and hour of the week relevant to your category

  • The content they search for and the cost of the keyword

  • The content they are exposed to when they search for your category

  • What you should do with this information

Thanks for submitting, the sample is on it way. Presentation


Access to 1 persona report and 1 media plan

Billed Once

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1 Persona Profile

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1 Media Plan

Try Once


3 Month Access

Billed Every 3 Months 

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Unlimited Persona Profile

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Unlimited Media Plan


1 Month Access

Billed Monthly

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Unlimited Persona Profile

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Unlimited Media Plan

1 Month Unlimited Access


6 Month Unlimited Access

6 Month Access

Billed Every 6 Months

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Unlimited Persona Profile

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Unlimited Media Plan



How Reliable Is The Data? gathers data from multiple live sources.

The primary data is Twitter live conversations, and to that, we add live data from Google, Amazon, Youtube, and Instagram.

The data is focused on the essential information required to build your buyer's persona.

A persona describes a fictional human and their personality traits, values, goals, and preferences — based on a real group of people, and in the case of it is based on people actively looking for or wanting to buy your product or service.


It's all about purchase intent.

The data is live and can change at any time, so to maintain a good pulse on your audience, make sure you keep coming back and refresh your results by regenerating the persona you have created.


If you are a subscriber to you have unlimited access to the data as long as your subscription is valid. 

Data Sources

3 Month Unlimited Access

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